We take pride in crafting high-quality jewelry!

Our jewelry are a true testament to exceptional craftsmanship, designed to enhance your style and leave a lasting impression...

About our necklaces:

Regarding our necklaces, most of them either 18K real platinum-plated or 925 sterling silver material. We employ the best technology - vacuum plating in a furnace - to ensure that each piece lasts for a long period of time. Additionally, all our jewelry has an extra layer of protection for added strength and luster, making them perfect for everyday wear.

About our rings:

Most of our rings are made of 925 sterling silver. Meanwhile, a small number of our rings are made of either 18K real platinum-plated over stainless steel and copper.

About our earrings:

All of our earrings are made with hypoallergenic 925 sterling silver pins. To provide a variety of options, we have 925 sterling silver and 18K platinum plated options.

About our base metal:

We use brass for our plated jewelry due to its unique properties and advantages. Brass is relatively more expensive and durable compared to cheap alloys/stainless steel available in the market. Additionally, it's a versatile metal that can be shaped and crafted into intricate designs, enabling us to create stunning and unique jewelry styles that may be more challenging with other metals. While using sterling silver can result in significantly higher prices, especially for our larger pieces, brass can offer a delicate look similar to vermeil jewelry.

About our stones:

Our diamond jewelry features high-quality zirconia stones. With the correct cutting techniques, they shine just like real diamonds. Most of our gemstones are zirconia gemstones since natural stone are often higher in price and their quality are very unstable. We worked with high-quality factories around the world, making our opal stone, moonstone and other color gemstone pieces even shinier than the natural stone!

Feel free to check out the description box of each style and jewelry care for more details!